Consumer DNA kits have become a big business over the last couple of years., 23 & Me, and all offer consumer DNA tests aimed at helping their customers identify their genetic breakdown and connect with long last family. Learning where your DNA comes from is interesting and fun; however, these tests are offering genealogists and family historians something much more exciting than their genetic origins. These tests are providing many consumers with the clues necessary to break through brick walls in their research.

My father has spent over 50 years searching for the parents of his great-grandfather. It wasn’t until my father received his Y-DNA test results from FamilyTreeDNA that he realized why he couldn’t break through this brick wall. When received his Y-DNA test results, my father expected to see matches with the last name Bernard. Instead of seeing the last name Bernard, my father was shocked to see a long list of his paternal ancestors all ending with the last name Bowen. He hadn’t been able to solve the case, because he had been looking in the wrong place! In his case, it appears the family folklore that hand been handed down to him was fabricated to cover up the fact that his great-grandfather was born out of wedlock.

There is nothing more rewarding to the team at Discovering Your History than helping someone learn their family’s story. So, in the spirit of helping someone discover their history, follow the steps below and enter for a chance to win 2 Ancestry DNA kits and 10 hours of genealogy research. Our team looks forward to helping the lucky winner learn more of their family’s unique story.

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Sonya Allstun · March 9, 2018 at 2:18 pm

Thanks for the chance at winning this I have been researching my ancestry now for a few Years and its amazing finding out where you come from. Found out we are related to a knights templar and he’s one of them that is buried in the Temple Church

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